Networking Solutions

Today’s era is all about connectivity. A network connects everything. Not just computers, mobile phones, peripherals but also various IoT devices. It has the potential to adapt, protect and access the whole business process. We can communicate not only with one another but also with other networks. At Cache Technologies, we design, envisage and implement complex network solutions.

FTTx Solutions

Everyone wants the fastest network connectivity everywhere; be it at home or at work places. Our lifestyles have become more and more ‘online’. This is where fiber net comes into the picture. It provides FTTx solutions home residences (FTTH), buildings (FTTB) and offices (FTTO). Increasing your speed of deployment, reducing overall costs. QoS and higher bandwidth are the advantages of FTTx solutions. Bringing fiber to residential and commercial buildings offers customers the Wi-Fi, cloud connectivity and 4K video stream they crave. Cache Technologies provide scalable FTTx solutions at affordable pricing.


Data / Network Security Solutions

The Internet has transformed our world. The way we live and work has changed. Every user that makes use of digital service must protect its network. Network security is a priority when it comes to any commercial business. There is a constant threat that the business will get targeted by hackers and there could be big data leak. Data security includes two factors Network Security and End Point Security. Network security stops data breach and acts as a FIREWALL for the intruders. It also stops the Data leakage from an insider. It tracks down all such malicious activities and this reporting helps to find out the source. End-Point Security is necessary for protecting personal data like transactions, passwords, photos on various electronic smart gadgets. End Point Security helps enterprises successfully prevent any misuse of their data which they’ve made available on the employee’s mobile devices. CACHE TECH can provide you security solutions with industry leading brands.

Network / Server Rack Solutions

Data centers are becoming the focal points of any IT company. Designing data center or standardizing the size of rack comes under network and rack solutions. These server racks are used to house or organize IT equipment in the manner that is best for the optimization of the equipment and utilization of floor space. For this CACHE TECH offers Enclosure solutions ranging from a plastic card guide for mounting the electronic card to high technology racks.


Accounting Solutions

Whenever a person starts with his business he pursues his passion and tries not to get jumbled in learning accounting software. After GST implementation it is a challenge to grow the business with organized statutory submissions. Cache Technologies provides solutions that fit into your business, adapt as per your working methodology and complete your financial complications. The benefits like improved accuracy and speed go hand in hand with reduced costs.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless is the way to go today. All companies big or small need wireless technology to boost their productivity and encourage data sharing. Scalability is another advantage of the wireless network, where you can add users in no time. To work with multiple devices with lower costs, wireless is the best solution. Cache Technologies provides solutions that consider existing hard-wired connection and selective wireless network to obtain benefits of both the worlds.